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Our restaurant serve contemporary Myanmar and Cambodian cuisine by decent Chef. This is the only home cooked Myanmar and Cambodia style Restaurant that you could find in CAMBODIA.

We designed to serve delicious food to our precious customer at start from 7am – 10:00pm with very reasonable reasonable price. In case of food requirement after restaurant operation hours, please do not hesitate to ask us to assist you.

We are using local products, which is fresh, clean and safe. Meat - Buy daily, fresh marvelous taste and tender. One thing good that Tonle Sap lakes is just to supply fresh and fabulous fish for you. Of course, vegetables are just get up from farm. As well as Fruit shake make you appetite, main dish take a seat at your stomach and fresh fruit desert close your meal.

Myanmar (Burmese) Food unique menu give you verity of choice. Here is "How's Myanmar Food like?"
The Food style between Chinese and Indian Food. Fried and Braised are seem like Chinese food but different spices and herbs. Curry are almost like Indian style but still different herbs and type of gravy. If you love Indian food or Chinese food, don't hesitate to try our Myanmar Food too.

Cambodian (Khmer) Food is ready to serve you. Well! A lot of people told that Cambodian Food is not really good and often no taste. OK, agree but those all place design for tourist and rely on commission basic sales system. Don't worry still some restaurant are selling quality tasty Khmer food in Siem Reap. We are one of those! "Khmer Food "is similar to Thai and Vietnamese food as well as special herbs give you different sense.

Our Restaurant is selling food with quality and quantity of standard. When you select among our carefully prepared cuisine, we encourage you to be adventurous, to try an eclectic combination of the savor, fragrances and textures offered in our dishes. We hope your meal with us will be a satisfaction to your culinary experience.

By the way! Apology that we don't design for tourist because we do cook the food as we eat, means "home cook". Hope you want to try! Do you?

We have huge menu, here are some photos of food for your figure!!
Fish Roll Sandwiches Baked Eggplant Slad Chicken Curry with Potato Dice Pork with Eggplant
Fresh Carrot Juice Sweet and Sour Cambodian Soup ( Salon Ma kyuu) Spring roll Fresh Pineapple Juice Braised Beef with Pickled Mustard
Mix Vegetable Curry Fried Pork Ball Braised Water Cress Sauté Pork with Onion Braised Fish with Green Pepper
Braise Egg Plant with Beef Fried Spare ribs Chicken Curry Sweet & Sour Pork