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The Jungle Ruin Sambor Prei Kuk Temple & Ancient Bridge of Spean Kampong Kdei

Sambor Prei Kuk is a collection of 7th century (600 years before Angkor Wat) temple ruins located in Kampong Thom province about 120km from Siem Reap town.

The Hindu temple complex of Sambor Prei Kuk was established in the early 6th century AD at the city of Isanapura, the capital city of the Raja Isanavaram. The site, part of the Chenla Kingdom, includes an area of nearly 1000 acres enclosed by double walls, and over 150 temples and towers; its construction predates Ankgor Wat by several centuries. It is the ruins of the city of Isanapura, the pre- Angkor khmer Kingdom known from Chinese chronicles as Zhendla (Chenla).

There are three main complexes: Prasat Sambor (North Group), Prasat Tor - Lion Temple (Central Group), Prasat Yeah Puon (South Group).

Most ancient Hinduism state of Indochina, goes back up to the 1st century A.D. and it is known on Funan name which gave it the Chinese. Its capital was situated in the current Cambodian province of Prey Veng. The dynasty claimed to go down from Brahman Kaundinya, having come from India.

Except for some Sanskrit's registrations among which the most ancient former) date of the 3rd century, all that we knows about this realm comes from Chinese texts. The first embassy of the Funan in the court of China dates of the year 225. The Funan collapsed in the 6th century, under the pressure of a vassal state, Kambuja of the North annexed Cambodia of the South. One of their kings, Išanavarman I, based its capital to Sambor Prei Kuk, for which we still admires the ruins, in the North-East from Kampong Thom at 30 km.
This complex groups together at least 150 monuments, among which 106 in a ray of 5 km.  Three complexes, dedicated to Shiva, were surrounded with two surrounding walls. They are towers in bricks, varied forms, square, oblong, octagonal, ten meters high on ten meters wide. The brick is very finely sculptured in strong relief whose decoration is typically of inspiration or Indian copy. (The lion is often represented but this animal did not exist in Cambodia) The door's frames are in stoneware. 

Ancient Bridge of Spean Kampong Kdei was built in 12th century the ancient bridge of made 1000 years ago by stone). 60km southeast of the Siem Reap Town. It is 80m long and 14m wide and has 21 axes.  The people in Angkor period, built temple and bridge in different way. To preserve the valuable cultural bridge, Mr. Bernard Phillippe Groslier, the French Angkor curator, restored it in 1965. At the age of 1,000 years, the bridge is still being used as main infrastructure for facilitating the heavy loaded trucks.

  • This Temple trip start at 7:30am where you go to past Domdek Market (Local Market) can walk a bit before travelling to visit kampong Kdei bridge.
    Then we are heading to Sambor Prei Kuk to explore ruin temple...

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Tour Duration    : Half Day - From 6 am to about 1 Pm

Tour Cost            : $90/Pax for a minimum of 3 persons- adults. Children less than 13 years discount 50 %.

Price includes     : Air-conditioned Comfortable Car/Van, Sandwiches & drinking water, and guide speaking English.


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